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Haunting of Cellblock 11 (2014)

Picture Palace Films
Aunt Max Motion Pictures

Produced by 

Mem Ferda  ...  associate producer
Jeffrey Johnson  ...  co-executive producer
Andrew P. Jones  ...  executive producer / producer
Andy W. Meyer  ...  producer
Willard E. Pugh  ...  associate producer
Linara Washington  ...  executive producer / producer


(from left to right) Actors..Jeffrey Johnson,  Linara Washington

Haunting of Cell Block 11 Review

With horror, there's always one type I dread to see/review. And that's the haunted/paranormal films. A., because the Paranormal Activity films have set a standard that every ghost movie in the last 7 years have pretty much copied, and B., because movies like The Conjuring, while a good film, show too much too early, and don't just hit the right notes to me personally. But, again, an Indie film hits one out of the park, and Hollywood should pay attention to Haunting of Cell Block 11 as an example of how to do it right.

(from left to right) Actors.. John Zderko, Charley Koontz, & Linara Washington